Iced Coffee
Do people prefer Iced or hot 🔥 coffee? 

More and more coffee drinkers are switching to iced brews. In fact, 20 percent of US coffee drinkers prefer ice coffee or hot. They believe the coldness enhances the drinking experience and releases the more nuanced nutty caramel flavors.  Especially, when you indulge and play around with the variety of coffee blends that we roast.  The price of a cup of ice coffee is a bit pricier than the hot brew, but it is an affordable luxury they are willing to splurge on. The rise of popularity of this cool favorite has moved this delightful treat into an all-year-round phenomenon.  Give it a go and try it at home….it made me a believer🥤 


  • Instant Coffee - 2 tablespoons
  • Or brew a few cups of coffee (let the coffee cool down to room temperature)
  • Sugar - 1 tablespoon
  • Chilled Water (if you go the instant coffee way)
  • Warm Water - 3 tablespoons (not necessary if you brew a pot)
  • Milk - 6 fluid oz cold milk (substitutes listed below)
  • Add Ice - 1 cup ice or as needed 


  • Brew a few cups of coffee.
    • I am a coffee nut, so naturally I buy the whole bean and grind it myself. It’s worth the effort, plus it’s super fresh and the taste is like night and day.
  • Also, I recommend either our cold brew, a blend or one of our flavored coffees. Incorporating either chocolate, caramel or pumpkin spice is always a treat.
  • You can also use flavored syrups. They add the best flavor to any drink.  From amaretto to hazelnut, to chocolate and even coconut. 
  • If you don’t use the syrups add some sugar to taste.
  • Now you can add all these to a sealable jar and seal and shake until foamy or you can use a Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Trust me, once you get good at it…everyone at home is going to be wanting some.  It’s addictive.
  • Pour the cooled coffee into a glass full of ice (crushed or cubed).
  • Add some milk and sugar to taste. There are some variations using oat, almond, or walnut milk but that is an acquired taste. Besides, I am little weirded out on how they milk an almond.  Do you know how??? LOL 😂
  • So, adjust to taste if needed. 

Note: for sugar substitutes, you can switch to monk fruit or Tevia sweetener.  Also, the syrups can be found in sugar free flavors. 

Written by Maximilian Lucena
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Iced Coffee

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