Founded in 1996
We are passionate about coffee and tea. We enjoy the community that it creates when people come together to split a cup. Every day we share our passion through our business. Our mission aims to fulfill our customers' wishes by providing premium roasted beans of specialty coffee and tea from around the world in various flavors and varieties. We offer these delicious coffee beans nationwide and deliver our passion right to your doorstep Always focused on curating a line-up of delectable Farm-to-cup coffee and tea experiences from all over the world.
Our Origin Story
Our Genesis story is simple. I am a traveler, art lover, wine connoisseur, cigar aficionado, experience seeker, lover of stories....and a super crazy coffee fanatic. Every amazing story I have heard in my life is anchored on a cup of coffee or tea. I was having a cup of Peruvian roast with my grandfather when he told me how he met the love of his life and married her. At 85 years old, they still held hands and kissed publically. He brought her flowers every day and never missed a moment to tell her he loved her. One of my many cherished moments. At a street fair in Rome, an adorable sweet "Nonna" fed me gnocchi in sauce and talked endlessly with a captivating smile, and topped it off with an espresso. The gnocchi and sauce were heavenly, the conversation was sweet, the streets of Rome were unforgettable and the experience was uber-memorable. Truthfully, I didn't have the heart to tell her I didn't fully understand her but smiled and took in the experience.
Coffee and tea are what inspire people new and old to share and disconnect from the world. For a few short moments from the first sip to the last, you become engaged in a share. My travels have allowed me to enjoy wonderful experiences, new cultures, and both amazing food and drink from all over the globe. It's the foundation for community. For me, it was a no-brainer to become the curator of new experiences, new stories, and amazing memories one cup at a time.
Honestly, we are not looking for customers. We are looking to expand our community of super fanatics and be a part of your story. We are extremely focused on customer satisfaction and we only use the finest and freshest beans that are fanatically selected and ethically sourced. We pride ourselves on the variety of our collection of global coffees and teas. Having some fantastic collaborators, and sourcing partners that have enabled our brand to grow.
Our mission
From the lush hidden jungles of Sumatra near Lake Takengon in West Sumatra to Mauna Loa, the volcano in the western district of the Hawaiian island that creates excellent growing conditions for coffee.  Kona 'Volcanic Estate' coffee produces the highest yield of any other Arabica varietal in the world., and finding these gems is our mission.  Our goal is to look far and wide to gather the highest quality beans from around the world. We freshly roast our coffee, package it in heat-sealed valve bags, and immediately ship it to you.  This is how we ensure that you receive your coffee in the freshest condition possible.
For those who prefer to drink tea, we also carry a wide selection of gourmet teas including special blends of flavored teas as well as a variety of loose-leaf teas and herbal tisanes, tea and coffee equipment, and accessories
We hope you enjoy browsing through our range of delicious international coffees and teas. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Being Responsible
A cup of coffee is more than just a caffeine jolt; it is an experience that should be savored one sip after the next. This is why we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the best available. USDA National Organic Program Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee is partnered with certified Organic Coffee Handlers and Processors by the GA Crop Improvement Association Organic Certification Program. Fair-Trade Certified Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee and it's partners carry a number of Fair-Trade Coffees from farmers in developing countries around the world.