Be Brave Enough...

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. Here are a collection of babblings from an Andalusian stuck in NY. I've traveled, seen some people, enjoyed great cultures, eaten great food, and drank great coffee. I've separated my thoughts into 3 categories: Coffee Blog, Coffee & Tea drink recipes and Coffee & Tea inspired meals. Please enjoy and share your thoughts.

The Traveling Spaniard ☕

Monte Rosa Coffee Blog

Enjoy a collection of carefully curated articles related to the enjoyment of coffee and tea through the eyes of a traveler.

Coffee & Tea Inspired Drink Recipes

Designing your own very special brand of coffee is a journey. This is a compilation of coffee and tea inspired drink recrecipes that hopefully will provoke your creative latte masterpiece.

Coffee & Tea Inspired Dish Recipes

Coffee, tea and food go hand in hand with the art of communication. It is the social lubricant that allows us to freely engage in sharing. I've travelled the world and most fond memories or experiences are tied to coffee, tea, a delicous meal and interesting people. I would like to share dishes inspired by my travels that evoke a meaningful conversation.