Caffè Macchiato
Caffè macchiato - the coffee with a twist! It's an espresso marked by some creamy milk, like two ingredients that were just meant to be together. No wonder it translates (literally!) as "stained coffee" or even better: "marked presence". A cappuccino-macchiato hybrid in all its glory; deliciously distinct and simply unforgettable

Ingredients for serving 1 

  • 1 shot of our Espresso Prima
  • 50-100ml Cold milk (or the minimum amount your machine will work with) 


  • Brew one shot (35ml) of fresh espresso with an espresso machine. If you don't have an espresso machine use the stovetop Italian brewer or French Press. (It's not the same as an actual espresso machine, but it works.)
  • Pour it into the base of your cup.
  • Steam milk to 160° and hold the steam wand just below the surface to create foam.
  • Pour milk into espresso to taste and spoon foam on top.

Espresso Prima: espresso Prima is an exclusive, top of the line espresso coffee. 100% Arabica beans bring out the beauty in this secret house blend. With a light espresso roast, you will discover espresso prima to be smooth and floral with a bold intensity. This is fine quality espresso with consistent roasting that you can count on to be impeccable time and time again.

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Written by Maximilian Lucena
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Caffè Macchiato

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