French Press Coffee

The French press is a master at brewing incredibly flavorful coffee - all thanks to the magic of oils! Without paper filters, these precious little drops are free to give your java that robust flavor you can't help salivating over. So next time you need an extra kick in the morning, try out this classic method for maximum taste satisfaction! 

For 4 servings - 


  • 1/2 cup freshly roasted coffee beans - we suggest you try the rich flavor of our Organic French Roast Coffee
  • 4 cups cold filtered water 


  • Grind the coffee beans
  • Heat the water to boiling, then cool for 1 minute before making the coffee
  • Pour the water into French press and stir the brew
  • Steep for 4 minutes for robust brew
  • Press the plunger gently all the down
  • Decant your coffee into a favorite cup and drink immediately 

 Organic French Roast CoffeeOrganic integrity begins with production, and this is why we ensure that every single coffee bean in our Organic French Roast is grown, harvested, and processed with environmentally favorable practices; there are no man-made chemicals or pesticides used to grow the coffee trees or to process the coffee beans. Because we are Certified Organic Handlers, you can rest assured that from the fields to our roastery, these organic coffee beans are handled properly.

Dark roasted to perfection, our Organic French Roast is full of delicious flavor and enticing aroma. With a light acidity, this coffee leaves a delightful bittersweet essence behind. No matter what time of the day it is, you'll enjoy the delectable flavors that this specialty coffee offers.

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Written by Maximilian Lucena
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French Press Coffee

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