El Red Eye Coffee

Need a pick-me-up? Ask for the special beverage made specifically to wake up even the sleepiest of folks: The Red Eye. It's an energizing mix of brewed coffee and double espresso shots, perfect for perking you right back up! So if you like the night life and like to boogie...this will keep you dancing...it's also great for cleaning engine parts... :)  

For serving of 1 


  • 1 ounce finely-ground espresso
  • 6 ounces medium-ground coffee beans
  • 12 ounces filtered water 


  • Brew the drip coffee or French Press at first
  • Brew the espresso right before the coffee is done (single or double, whichever you choose), then pour it into a coffee mug.  
  • Some drop the brew first then drop the espresso after either way...it's going to energize you.
  • Once the coffee is ready, pour it over the espresso shot and enjoy


Espresso Options (Regular & Decaf)

Regular: https://monterosagourmetcoffee.com/collections/espresso

Decaf: https://monterosagourmetcoffee.com/collections/decaf-espresso 

Recommended Equipment:

Written by Maximilian Lucena
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Red Eye Coffee

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