Chocolate Mint Cappuccino

A cappuccino is the perfect pick-me-up for any coffee lover! It's an espresso plus steamed milk foam that first comes from Austria, before taking over Italy with its fabulous flavor. This recipe calls for blend of our Espresso-Verdi and our Chocolate Mint Flavored Coffee. A decedent combo. For some extra flair add cream instead of milk or try one of the clever non dairy substitutes out there - and don't forget you can jazz it up by sprinkling on cinnamon or chocolate powder too! 

For serving - 1 



  • Add filtered water into the boiler of your espresso machine.
  • Place the 2 tablespoons or 2 shots of Espresso-Verdi into the portafilter, tamp it and pull the shot until 2 ounces of espresso is yielded
  • Brew and Blend the Chocolate Mint Flavored Coffee and mix it with the Espresso-Verdi
  • Foam the milk by engaging it to steam wand in your espresso machine
  • Keep the tip of the wand toward the side of the container. This will create a vortex with the milk.
  • Once the milk has foamed to double its size, turn the steam wand off.
  • Top the drink with foamed milk right after foaming.
  • Sprinkle chocolate shavings on top for dramatic effect (shave a chocolate bar or use powdered chocolate)
  • Enjoy your coffee!

Espresso-Verdi: Espresso Verdi is a "Seattle style" roast with a very distinguished, bold flavor that is held in high regard with coffee aficionados. Get more out of your espresso with the intense flavor and heavy body of our Espresso Verdi blend. Looking for the perfect espresso for cappuccinos and lattes? Look no further, Espresso Verdi is truly bellissimo!

Chocolate Mint Flavored CoffeeSuch a classic favourite! So popular that it's found in almost every possible sweet temptation; Chocolate Mint is delicious. From candy, mints, ice cream, cookies, and hot chocolate, this invigorating combination has pleased so many countless others. This perfect Chocolate Mint flavour combination coffee blend will certainly please you.

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Written by Maximilian Lucena
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Chocolate Mint Cappuccino

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