Teasy Cheesy Hamwiches - Ham & Cheese Tea-Time 🥪 Favorites

Yummy, mini ham and cheese tea sandwiches that disappear in just three bites! No need to fire up the stovetop - it's super easy to make these teensy treats. Perfect for snacking with your cuppa, or serving at parties: no one will be able resist them! 




  • 12 slices Very Thin white bread, wheet or multi grain (depends on your audience)
  • 2-4 slices Swiss cheese, or havaratti cheese, or asiago cheese -  I prefer the asiago...it's a bit zingy.
  • 2-4 slices Black Forest ham or Virginia or honey ham
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise - avacado mayo is my favorite
  • 1 tablespoon German mustard
  • A handful of grape or raisin tomatoes
  • A handful of baby spinich leaves




  1. Cut the stem of the spinich.
  2. Cut the grape or raisin tomatoes in halves.
  3. Assemble the tea sandwich. The order from the bottom up: Bread, German spicey mustard, ham, a few slices of the grape or raisin tomatoes sprinkle a little sea salt on the ham and grape or raisin tomatoes, cheese, mayo, bread, mayo, ham, German spicey mustard, cheese, mayo, bread. Add baby spinich leaf and skewer with a color toothpick or cocktail fork.




  • My secret to great tasting sandwiches is to use avacodo mayonnaise which tastes better than regular mayo. 
  • The mayo and mustard do two things: they bind the layers together so it’s much neater to pick up AND it keeps the sandwich from being too dry.
  • Frozen bread cuts better. You’ll get nicer edges that don’t look pinched as you would with room temperature bread.
  • Serve these tea sandwiches with mini jergens pickles as they are tart and balances out the richness from the ham and cheese. The cocktail forks can be used to eat the pickles.
  • To make sandwiches ahead of time, assemble sandwiches the night before and loosely cover them with wax paper then a damp paper towel in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This will keep the sandwiches fresh overnight without drying out the bread. Take tea sandwiches out of the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes before serving. Tea sandwiches should be served at room temperature.


To pair these sandwiches with tea, serve black tea like Earl Grey or English breakfast tea since they’ll hold up well with the richness from the ham and the Swiss cheese.

Earl GreyFlavored with the oil of bergamot, a pear-shaped citrus that is grown near the Mediterranean, Earl Grey tea is a blended black tea that has an exotic complexity and aroma that is both distinctive and delightful.

English Breakfast TeaEnglish Breakfast Tea that has a full body and is richly robust. This gourmet tea is expected to be served with milk and a sweetener much like the British have prepared their morning tea for over a century. Once the black tea has been mixed with milk, its aroma transforms into the scents of warm toast and honey!


Written by Maximilian Lucena

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