Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea

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Because of its exceptional flavor and unique appearance, Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea has earned global recognition as one of the most popular teas in the world. This loose-leaf tea originated from the Zhejiang Province in China, where it is still produced today. The tightly rolled tea leaves are darkly colored and resemble pellets, hence the Gunpowder name. Once steeped, Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea produces a deeply rich cup with a refreshing, clean taste.

Enjoy this gourmet tea by itself or add a sprig of mint, slice of lemon, or a pinch of sugar to enhance the already delicious flavors. Make sure to take advantage of the money saving 2lb bag opportunity. Keep yourself in good supply of your favorite tea and save money!

Temple of heaven Gunpowder makes a terrific Iced tea the whole family will enjoy.