Organic Timor Fair Trade Coffee

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Indulge in the exotic flavors of Organic Timor Fair-Trade Coffee, sourced from the pristine landscapes of the tiny island of Timor. With over seven thousand dedicated small farmers, Timor's coffee is a labor of love, cultivated with care and expertise.

Unique to this island is the commitment to organic farming practices, ensuring that every sip of our coffee is free from harmful chemicals. Through cooperative efforts, farmers come together to enhance production capacity and quality, resulting in beans of unparalleled freshness and flavor.

Harvested during the North American summer and meticulously processed by the Cooperativa Café Timor, our coffee boasts a distinctive profile. From its spicy and herbal notes to its vibrant acidity and robust body, each cup offers a sensorial journey like no other.

Experience the essence of Timor with every sip of our Organic Timor Fair-Trade Coffee. Elevate your coffee ritual with Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee and savor the taste of sustainability and excellence.


Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee


Roast it yourself!

Also Available in Green (unroasted) Coffee

Some coffee connoisseurs prefer to take a more hands-on approach to make sure their morning coffee is deliciously perfect, right down to the roast. For those who enjoy roasting their own coffee at home, we have a wide selection of unroasted green coffee beans to choose from.  This is one of the international gourmet coffees we offer to indulge your coffee passion. Green coffee is shelf stable for months, and 1-5lbs of coffee per bag gives you plenty of beans to get that roast profile you desire just right.

These green coffees are sold in 1-5lb bags to accommodate small-scale home roasting, but we also offer full-size shipment bags of +100lbs. Exact weights and pricing vary by coffee, so if you're looking for large quantities of unroasted green coffee beans just just contact us for details.