Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' Fair Trade Coffee

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Indulge in the rich flavors of the Indonesian archipelago with our Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' coffee. Carefully cultivated by local farmers in the lush highlands of Sumatra, this coffee is a true testament to the dedication and expertise of the growers.

Grown in harmony with nature, our coffee beans undergo a meticulous process, free from harmful chemicals or pesticides. From cultivation to harvest, every step is guided by organic practices, ensuring a clean and pure cup of coffee with each brew.

Roasted to perfection in small batches, our medium-dark roast brings out the depth and richness of flavor, without any bitterness lingering behind. With its full-bodied profile and smooth texture, each sip is a journey through the misty mountains of Sumatra.

What sets our Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' coffee apart is not just its exceptional taste, but also its impact on the community. Through Fair-Trade and organic certification, we support local farmers and contribute to the development of their communities, making every cup a sip of sustainability and empowerment. Experience the essence of Sumatra with Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee.

AVAILABLE IN: Regular Only

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee


Roast it yourself!

Also Available in Green (unroasted) Coffee

Some coffee connoisseurs prefer to take a more hands-on approach to make sure their morning coffee is deliciously perfect, right down to the roast. For those who enjoy roasting their own coffee at home, we have a wide selection of unroasted green coffee beans to choose from.  This is one of the international gourmet coffees we offer to indulge your coffee passion. Green coffee is shelf stable for months, and 1-5lbs of coffee per bag gives you plenty of beans to get that roast profile you desire just right.

These green coffees are sold in 1-5lb bags to accommodate small-scale home roasting, but we also offer full-size shipment bags of +100lbs. Exact weights and pricing vary by coffee, so if you're looking for large quantities of unroasted green coffee beans just contact us for details.