Organic Mexico 'Altura Tollan' Coffee

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Experience the essence of Mexico with our Organic Mexican 'Altura Tollan' Coffee, harvested from the fertile soils of the Chiapas region. Nestled at high altitudes, our coffee beans bask in the tropical climate, where lush vegetation and volcanic richness nurture their growth.

Enveloped in cloud cover and shaded by fruit trees, our coffee trees enjoy the perfect balance of sunlight and humidity, resulting in slow-matured beans bursting with flavor. Cultivated by Mayan farmers with centuries of expertise, our coffee cherries thrive without the need for harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and sustainable brew.

As a Fair-Trade product, our coffee not only delivers exceptional taste but also supports the livelihoods of farming communities. With each sip, indulge in the smooth and mild flavor of our 'Altura Tollan' blend, free from any bitterness and rich with the authentic essence of Mexico.

Whether you prefer Regular or Decaf, our gourmet coffee promises a delightful journey of taste and tradition. Elevate your coffee experience with Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee and savor the purity of Mexican craftsmanship in every cup.


Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee


Roast it yourself!

Also Available in Green (unroasted) Coffee

Some coffee connoisseurs prefer to take a more hands-on approach to make sure their morning coffee is deliciously perfect, right down to the roast. For those who enjoy roasting their own coffee at home, we have a wide selection of unroasted green coffee beans to choose from.  This is one of the international gourmet coffees we offer to indulge your coffee passion. Green coffee is shelf stable for months, and 1-5lbs of coffee per bag gives you plenty of beans to get that roast profile you desire just right.

These green coffees are sold in 1-5lb bags to accommodate small-scale home roasting, but we also offer full-size shipment bags of +100lbs. Exact weights and pricing vary by coffee, so if you're looking for large quantities of unroasted green coffee beans just contact us for details.