Organic Decaf "Swiss Water" Peru Coffee - Green/Unroasted

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Imported from the Northern Highlands of Peru, this varietal of Chanchamayo is extremely unique for its washing process, the Swiss Water Method. Cultivated at heights above 3,000 feet, this medium-roasted coffee is mildly acidic with a light-medium body.

This organic coffee is an ideal choice for those who are on a quest for organically grown coffee and for those who also like to enjoy coffee without the effects of caffeine. Grown by environmentally friendly practices, each coffee tree is cultivated without man-made pesticides or fertilizers.

After the coffee beans are hand-selected and harvested, they are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method; the coffee beans are rinsed and washed rather than using artificial compounds and chemicals to decaffeinate the beans. Medium-roasted, each brew produces a clean and flavorful cup that is well-balanced and full-bodied with no bitter aftertaste; perfect in every sense, you will not find any flaws in this coffee.

REG/DECAF: Regular

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee