Matterhorn Flavored Coffee - Swiss Chocolate

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Embark on a sensory journey to the majestic Matterhorn with Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee's Matterhorn-flavored blend—a harmonious fusion of toasted almond and the finest Swiss chocolate. Inspired by the iconic emblem of the Alps, our coffee pays tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur of this legendary mountain.

Just like the distinctive shape and majestic peak of the Matterhorn, our coffee blend captivates with its rich aroma and velvety smooth texture. Indulge in the high-quality Swiss chocolate infused with the smoky essence of toasted almond, creating a symphony of flavors that's both luxurious and comforting.

With each sip, you'll be transported to the breathtaking landscapes of the Pennine Alps, where the Matterhorn reigns supreme against the deep blue sky. Let the tantalizing aroma and exquisite taste of Matterhorn-flavored coffee uplift your spirits and awaken your senses, providing a moment of pure bliss in every cup.

Available in both regular and decaf options, Monte Rosa's Matterhorn-flavored coffee promises an unforgettable coffee experience that's as majestic as the mountain itself. Order now and embark on a journey to the Matterhorn from the comfort of your own home!

AVAILABLE IN: Regular/Decaf

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee

This flavored coffee contains nut extract.