Lavender Mint Splash Sea Salt Bar

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Pure bliss in a bar of soap, that's my description of Lavender Mint Splash! The scent is a combination of orange, lavender, and spearmint essential oils, that is a pure spa like scent. Salt bars provide a luxurious lather like no other. Experience luxury in a bar!

Each bar weighs 5 ounces



This is the best bar of lavender soap that I have ever used! The sea salt works into such a nice lather and you exit your shower feeling tingly and clean. The lavender mint is a PERFECT combination and the scent is amazing. I have spent over $100 on bar soaps in the past month (I have tried at least 6-7 sellers) and this bar is the best lavender soap period. :) I can not recommend this more highly.

I am a big connoisseur of lavender mint items, and this soap is at the very top of my list! It has a great texture and a WONDERFUL scent. It left my skin feeling silky smooth and perfectly clean. If only you had a subscription where I could have it delivered on a regular basis! It arrived very quickly but was simply and beautifully packaged--a real win. I will definitely be buying more of this in the future.

This soap is divine!! I work in a spa and this soap is definitely "spa-quality" for sure. Beautifully scented and leaves your skin soooo soft. Nothing in this soap in drying to the skin and its ingredients are very nourishing.


Title: Lavender Mint Splash Salt Bar