Galata Kulesi Cuvee Coffee

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Built by the Byzantine Emperor, Anastasius, the Galata Kulesi (Tower) has been standing in Istanbul since 509. Originally constructed out of wood, this nine-story structure was called the Light House Tower.

The most historical mention of Galata is the first man to fly using artificial wings. A man leapt from the Galata Tower and flew into the city of Uskudar in the 17th century.

This amazing structure has stood the test of time, survived wars, and resisted fires.

This Cuvee Coffee has a sharp flavour with high acidity and a full rich body. A medium roast ensures a superior coffee with a subtle hint of nutty flavours. A rustic earthy coffee that is perfectly suited for the first cup of the morning.

The Galata Kulesi was where man first flew and this wonderful brew will be sure to help your day take flight too.

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Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee