Formosa Green Dragon Oolong Tea

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Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, is renowned as being the world's best producer of the treasured Oolong teas. Since the introduction of Green Dragon Oolong tea to the United States, we have discovered a rise in popularity. With exquisite flavor, Green Dragon is a tea held in high regard in several places all over the world.

This Taiwanese Oolong tea has a lighter colored leaf and liquor because it is oxidized for a shorter period of time than the darker Oolong teas; this gives the tea an entirely different character. Smooth and aromatic, Dragon Oolong has a light and delicate flavor with hints of floral undertones and a slightly lingering aftertaste.

We highly recommend that Green Dragon Oolong be steeped multiple times; each steep unveils a layer of gold color. Each of the tightly rolled, pellet-like leaves will gradually open further with each infusion, bringing you more flavor.