Connoisseur Estate Blend Coffee

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The definition of a connoisseur is, "a person with a great deal of knowledge or an expert judge in the matter of taste." Our name "Connoisseur Estates blend" then says a lot since we are naming this blend, especially for a person of that calibre. The gift of a connoisseur is to appraise the quality of our coffee and to validate its origination. They can appreciate the art of the cup, as well as the talent, technique, and creativity of the Roastmaster. Even better, this blend now comes to you in decaf!

Connoisseur Estates blend from Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee is undeniably distinctive. A blend of African and Indonesian coffees makes up this compelling blend. It's a wonderfully balanced blend with just the right amount of acidity, uniquely smooth and full-bodied with a spicy aroma.

REG/DECAF: Regular

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee