Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea, a premium black tea grown in the lush, low-elevation gardens of Galle, Sri Lanka. Originating from the heart of the Galle district, this tea benefits from the region's steady year-round temperatures and generous humidity, creating the perfect conditions for producing high-quality tea almost year-round.

At an average growing elevation of 1,000 feet and below, our Ceylon Chester tea offers a unique sensory experience that tea enthusiasts will cherish. The result is a full-bodied yet delicate brew that is mellow and brisk, with an incredibly smooth texture and a beautiful golden hue. Each sip delivers a perfectly balanced flavor that is both rich and refreshing, making it an ideal choice for any time of day.

Versatile and delightful, Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea can be enjoyed in various ways. Serve it hot with a splash of milk or a twist of lemon to enhance its already exquisite flavors, or brew it as an iced tea for a refreshing treat. This tea is sure to impress your guests and become a beloved staple in your collection.

Elevate your tea-drinking experience with the exceptional quality and taste of Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea, and savor the rich heritage and delicate flavors of Sri Lanka’s finest low-grown black tea.

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee