Butter Rum Flavored Coffee

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Butter Rum has always been a popular flavour in hot drinks, cocktails, desserts, and sauces for baked goods. Now you can enjoy it anytime with our Butter Rum flavoured coffee.

This distinctive coffee blend of velvety warm butter and aromatic rum will be sure to ease your soul and transport you to the tropical isles of the Caribbean.

Enjoy the smooth richness of this coffee's texture enhanced by the caramelized and brown sugar taste with just a hint of spice and a woody accent.

Rum is often associated with the Royal Navy and piracy; it has been reported that in the 1800s rum was a British slang term meaning, "the best." Now, without the alcohol, you too can experience the flavour of "the best" in our Butter Rum flavoured coffee. Nothing but the best for you!

AVAILABLE IN: Regular/Decaf

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee