Black Velvet Cognac Flavored Coffee

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Welcome to the world of indulgence with our Black Velvet Cognac Flavored Coffee, where sophistication meets pure delight in every sip. Crafted for discerning coffee aficionados, this exquisite blend combines the finest Arabica beans with the smooth essence of premium cognac, creating a sensory experience like no other.

From the moment you open the bag, be enveloped by the enticing aroma of freshly roasted coffee infused with hints of oak and vanilla, reminiscent of a luxurious evening by the fireplace. Each sip unveils a symphony of flavors, with the boldness of coffee perfectly complemented by the subtle sweetness and depth of cognac.

Sourced from sustainable farms and expertly roasted to perfection, our beans promise a velvety-smooth texture and unparalleled freshness in every cup. Elevate your coffee ritual with this sophisticated blend, whether you're starting your day or unwinding after dinner. Experience the opulence of Black Velvet Cognac Flavored Coffee and indulge in the finer things in life.

AVAILABLE IN: Regular/Decaf

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee

This is a non-alcoholic flavored coffee.