Bali 'Paradise Valley' Coffee - Green/Unroasted

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Eight degrees south of the equator, among the chain of tropical islands that make up Indonesia, lies the beautiful island of Bali. Rising above the steamy jungles are villages settled along the high-altitude volcanic peaks that offer ideal conditions for growing coffee trees. The Balinese believe that happiness is a result of maintaining a good relationship with both people and the environment. This belief system is evident in the meticulous work that goes into planting, harvesting, and sorting the beans, all by hand.

Bali possesses natural beauty in its people and agriculture, and you will find that each cup of Balinese coffee exemplifies the true spirit of Bali. Enjoy one sip of tropical pleasure at a time, and savour the earthy and smooth flavour of this Indonesian gourmet coffee. Mildly intense and heavy-bodied, after a taste of Paradise Valley, you'll understand why Balinese coffee is known worldwide.

REG/DECAF: Regular
Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee