Amaretto Flavored Coffee

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Discover the enchanting blend of our Amaretto Flavored Coffee, inspired by the romantic tale of artist Bernardiono Luini and a widowed innkeeper. This legendary story gave birth to the renowned Amaretto liquor, and we've captured its essence in our coffee. Our blend boasts flavors reminiscent of marzipan, a cherished pastry crafted from finely ground almonds, succulent apricots, and a touch of powdered sugar.

Key Features:

Historical Inspiration: A coffee blend influenced by the captivating legend of Amaretto liquor's origins.

Marzipan Notes: Experience the delightful flavors of almonds and apricots, reminiscent of the classic marzipan pastry.

Premium Arabica Beans: Lightly roasted to perfection, ensuring a smooth and aromatic coffee experience.

Freshness Assured: Our commitment to quality ensures that your coffee is freshly roasted the day it ships.

Authentic Amaretto Experience: Dive into a cup that captures the true essence of the famous Amaretto liquor.

Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee - Savor the stories in every cup.

AVAILABLE IN: Regular/Decaf

This flavored coffee may contain nut extract.
Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee