Thermo Glass Tea Pot 52 Fl Oz | 1550 Ml WL-888806/A

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Thermo glass by Wilmax is both elegant and practical as well as Stove Top / Open flame safe. Is made of the highest quality Borosilicate glass. Our Teapots can and should be used in both hot and cold beverage preparations as well as serving. Ergonomic welded handle, as well as integrated drip-resistant, pour spout coupled with a smooth surface and detachable fitted bamboo lid, as well as stainless steel spring, make cleaning effortless and Dishwasher-safe. Stainless steel loose-leaf / spice inserts make an amazing addition in both elegance and practicality. These are completely and easily removable. Could be used to brew tea or spices or even add woodchips and make a tableside smoker.
Thermo Tea Pot, 52 oz. (1550 ml), high-temperature, shock resistant, dishwasher/microwave safe, removable High polish stainless steel infuser, with flip lid, tempered, borosilicate glass, clear.