Organic Decaf "Swiss Water" Peru Coffee

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Indulge in the exotic flavors of our Northern Highlands Peru Chanchamayo Swiss Water Decaf Coffee, a truly unique brew renowned for its exceptional taste and innovative decaffeination process. Cultivated in the lofty altitudes exceeding 3,000 feet, this medium-roasted coffee boasts a mild acidity and a light-medium body, perfect for those seeking a smooth yet flavorful cup.

What sets this organic coffee apart is its Swiss Water Method decaffeination process, ensuring a caffeine-free experience without compromising on taste. Grown with eco-friendly practices, each coffee tree thrives without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, guaranteeing purity and sustainability.

Hand-selected and harvested with care, our coffee beans undergo a gentle Swiss Water Method decaffeination process, preserving their natural flavors without the need for harsh chemicals. Medium-roasted to perfection, each brew delivers a clean, well-balanced cup with no bitter aftertaste—a testament to its impeccable quality and craftsmanship.

Ideal for discerning coffee lovers on a quest for organically grown, caffeine-free coffee, our Northern Highlands Peru Chanchamayo Swiss Water Decaf Coffee promises a delightful and guilt-free indulgence with every sip. Order now and savor the perfection of Swiss Water Decaf. 


Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee