The Unwilling Travelers & The Little Artist Artyom

This story is not about coffee or tea...but I am writing it drinking some green tea with honey. There are three hobbies I enjoy most in life and they are wine, coffee, and art. This story is about art 🎨 and an amazing boy I met in my travels. I am not an artist, but I do enjoy the ingenious minds of artists. I hope you are as touched by this young lad's story as I was.

The Young Artist Artyom was born on June 10, 2012, in the small village of Malyutyanka, not so far from Kyiv, Ukraine. He lived with his mother Elena and father Yuri. A beautiful couple with California good looks and creative artistic minds. They own a small country cottage in the village of Malyutyanka. Both parents are amazing artists and tattoo artists by trade. For Artyom, a 10-year-old elementary school student, having creative parents helped to nurture his art gift. He has always been delightfully curious and an adventurer. While still very young, he began to draw, paint and sculpt little figurines made from various materials. At times, he can get lost in his creations and imagination for hours. He is drawn to his curious nature and he draws what he sees. Whether it's a gallant hero of a fairy tale or a character from a book. He captures the character he favors and he comes up with his own opus featuring his heroes. He is an inventor of his own universe, creates his worlds, and knows no bounds. From the ripe age of six, he was drawn to express himself and was enrolled in an art studio in Ukraine. Creativity is his nature like his parents and creating art is undoubtedly his favorite pastime.
Family Journey Accross Europe Finding Safe Haven
Like any boy his age, he loves to ride his bike, play football (soccer), and horse around with his friends. He loves taking trips with his parents to the beach and truly loves to swim. All things any 10-year-old boy with love. Unfortunately, on February 24th Artyom's normal life came to a screeching halt. Ever since Ukraine was attacked it has been unstable life for Artyom and his family.  A current theme for many families living in the Ukraine. The bombing was consecutive and terrifying for Artyom and his mother. They both cried every night in fear. Artyom lived with the fear that soldiers would take his dad away and hurt him. Yuri like any good father did his best to comfort and protect them. A difficult task when you are hearing missiles whizzing by your home.
In March Artyom's creativity was being stifled by the swelling fear of war and the peripheral danger of missles destroying his home and family. This once feverishly inventive little boy was being thwarted by the sounds of war permeating the nearby fields and woods he recently played in with his friends. On March 18th, the family decided to leave Ukraine looking for a safe haven. Since then they have traveled to Bulgaria and now Poland for a few months hoping to find concrete accommodations and safety. Sadly, jobs are scarce and living space is equally scarce. In most cases, residents don't rent to Ukrainians because they want them to keep moving. At its core, this story is about family but the deeper story is about this amazing young creative boy that has caught my attention. My new nephew is a young artist with his entire life before him. I would love to be a conduit to get this young artist painting and creating again in a safe place.  Sooner rather than later.
The Little Artist Artyom - Cartoon Caricatures
Today on November 12th of 2022, they leave for Germany. Once again with great uncertainty and hope for the best they will depart Poland. Exhausted and taxed by this neverending story all three are ready to find a new home. They contacted a Ukrainian friend who happens to live in Germany. She is aiding them to get all the forms filled out for displaced Ukrainian refugees looking for safe haven and work. They are hopeful even though they will be starting life again at ground zero. Despite these tumultuous and uncertain times our young artist Artyom has been attending school online. The positive thing is that because of modern technology he is able to communicate with his friends back home in Ukraine. Some are scattered, but at least he has one constant in his life. A connection with his friends.
The Little Artist Artyom - Current Art Portfolio
Getting back to his passion. Artyom has the skills of a more experienced artist with a large portfolio of work. He crosses many different styles and inspires the people around him. His sculptures are both intriguing and playful. Plus he creates for his own amusement. I imagine a Monte Python Circus-type parade colorfully bouncing around his head inspiring his creations. I look forward to seeing what types of innovative pieces he will produce in his lifetime. Keep in mind, I am an amateur art enthusiast with an eye for beautiful work. I am hopeful that he will regain his artistic composure and begin creating. The world needs more Artyom's...but for now...I am supporting my nephew with great anticipation.
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Written by Maximilian Lucena

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